What do you really know about Micellar Water?

June 22, 2021 By Dr. Saed ALQARALEH 0

Facial care has always been one of our essential routines on a daily basis, and even more so since the use of a mask is mandatory. Without a doubt, how to properly clean the face has become our number 1 obsession. One of the basic and fundamental steps in this process is cleaning our face in this beauty ritual. Washing the face with micellar water, allows us to eliminate all rest of the makeup or impurities that can trigger the dreaded skin, so it is essential to know and use the product that best suits our skin. But before…

What is micellar water, and what functions does it have?

In recent years, the importance of facial hygiene in beauty rituals has become evident, and new products have emerged to meet this need. Today we focus on discovering the benefits of micellar water.

The main benefit of micellar water is that it is a cosmetic product whose base is water and which is used to clean the skin of our face. Its main attraction lies in the Micelles that form it, these are small structures whose role is the cleaner. It works by attracting dirt from the skin and retaining it so as not to spread it over the rest of the face. In addition to cleansing micelles, micellar water can contain additional extracts with different properties depending on the needs of each skin type, such as antioxidants, soothing and moisturizing.

As we mentioned, the main function of micellar water is to clean the face, acting as a makeup remover for the face, being able to use a single product in areas such as the face, eyes, and lips without having to have our bathroom with countless treatments.

When to wash your face with micellar water – How to apply it

The use of micellar water is quick, comfortable and simple because you only have to wet a cotton ball or disk and apply it to the face and neck with gentle touches to moisten your skin, then gently pass the disk with circular movements over your face to clean and remove impurities.

Another benefit of micellar water is its versatility, because you can use it at any time of the day and when necessary, at night before going to sleep, in the morning when getting up to refresh the skin, after sunbathing or after doing sports, whatever time is good to cleanse and purify!

Extra tips for healthy and fresh skin:

  1. Take care of the hours of sleep. We know that it is not always possible, but try to get 8 hours of sleep. Good restful sleep for enough hours has proven to be key to our health.
  2. Exercise daily or at least three or four times a week, take time to move. Your body and mind will thank you.

With these small beauty gestures and our new routines day after day, we will face the year full of changes, and our body and skin will thank us.